Full Time With Amy Nicklaus

#6 Blessings And Better Beauty Products

June 7, 2019

On this week's episode of , Amy sits down with Maryclare Cirigliano Haubruck. As a teacher and a director of Beautycounter, she uses her knowledge of beauty products and her education background to help women learn exactly what is in their favorite products. The ladies talk about the unsafe nature of many of the beauty products out there and how Maryclare discovered this on her own health journey when she was struggling with infertility. Maryclare speaks about hormone disruption, the legislation of products, and why she encourages others to watch out for the word 'fragrance.' 🌿🍶

For more information, visit Maryclare's website, www.peaceandbeauty.org, and join her Facebook group: Peace And Beauty.
Throughout the month of June, Maryclare is offering our listeners a special offer:
Any order over $100 will receive $100 Hotel Savings Card+ be entered into a raffle to win a Best Seller product, and receive a FREE travel size cleansing balm. 

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