Full Time With Amy Nicklaus

#8 Law Partners & Life Partners

July 19, 2019

Today on Full Time With Amy, Amy is joined by Jennifer McAndrew-Vuotto, Esq. Jen is much more than full-time though, as she balances being an attorney, mother, scout leader, and immediate past President of the Bar Association of Morris County! And that doesn't even cover it all. Jennifer is an experienced litigator who focuses her practice on the prosecution of professional liability claims, personal injury, insurance coverage issues, and criminal defense in Superior and Municipal court.

Their discussion also covers family life, raising a strong daughter, the support of her marriage, and closeness with her parents. Jen explains some of her day to day work on spreading the word of her program, the Reduced Fee Referral Program, (which makes it possible for lower-income households to afford legal representation that would otherwise be out of reach), extracurricular activities with her daughter's scout group, and how she manages to fit everything in! For this inspiring chat with a great friend, be sure to tune in!

Connect with Jennifer McAndrew-Vuotto on LinkedIn. Learn more about McAndrew Vuotto LLC. by visiting mcandrewvuotto.com

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